Unique promos that are “non-spammy”

Posted on October 24, 2012


ok, so who will develop the next greatest promo thats “not” spammy

and is fully, … or at least partially win-abled (version 1, level 1) ???

What queries should be used to locate the truly most recent BEST ??

Ofcourse, that will usually just start an alvalanche of so-called ” trending ”

people who have tweaks for the same general idea.

Un-fortunately, those tweaks are usually of the spammy type.

Ofcourse, “some” spam IS neccessary, right ?!

yes, i “also” have spammed before — shame on me 😦

Thats all for now … i can’t wait to learn about the next “unique” dating promo or “unique” dating app

or new way to date, etc. in this ever changing information age world 🙂

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